We treat game localisations like our toys!


We love games

We belong to a generation grown up on computer games and we still love playing games today. Therefore we know that for a game title to be successful it is important to get not only a quality translation for it but a localisation, i.e. adaptation of a translation to a local usage, as well. We are in contact with gaming communities and we know what style players like.

Man is not a machine...

For our work we use specialized translating software by SDL allowing us to build huge translation memories, databases and terms lists. This way we are able to create style and terminology consistent localisations even within larger teams of translators.

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...but a machine can't do all

We have experience with localisations of sports, action, strategy or RPG games. Every genre is different and we know what it requires. Our goal is to give every translation a distinctive character in its key areas but in the same time we put a strong emphasis on following the official terminology based on a client's requirements.

Recently we have translated into Czech titles like

FIFA 13 - 15, NHL 13 - 15 or SimCity. Members of our localisation team participated on localisations of popular titles Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings, Battlefield Hardline or Total War series games in the past.

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